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ELITECAD stands for easy, fast and efficient (team)work. The specialty: ELITECAD is a real all-rounder. Peter Sondermann confirms: "Everyday work has become much faster and more efficient. I really enjoy working on the computer again."

Hannover, Germany
S-S-B DigitalServices AG
Andreas Brinkmann, employee at ELITECAD sales partner S-S-B DigitalServices AG, is enthusiastic about the simplicity and speed: "I am not aware of any other product with which I can plan and create buildings with parameterized components so quickly - even outside of the usual sizes and shapes."

Hannover, Germany
Günther Stadelmann
ELITECAD delivers all functions and workflows from design to photo-realistic renderings as well as entire video sequences directly from a single source. Günther Stadelmann appreciates this range, including real-time visualization: "I really like to press the rendering button because it's just nice to have the finished images straight away."

Doren, Austria
Kremnev Atelier
"We have a lot of fun with this product," Andrej Kremev, CEO, reveals with a smile. The planning software impresses with its user-friendliness and efficient planning processes. Kremnev Atelier has been using all the advantages of ELITECAD since 2016.

Jaroslavl, Russia
ELITECAD Architecture